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When I was growing up I never remember being dragged to family pictures or bribed to smile for the camera (ok, so I probably didn’t need to be bribed since I was a total ham). I took the photos for the yearbook every year, but that’s about it. I love my mom, but she was just never one for doing family portraits every year. Now that I’m a photographer I’m obsessed with documenting everything because I want to look back and have really great pictures of my family. It’s so important I think, especially when you’re kids can look back at you at their age to see how much they look like you! I’m always photographing other peoples families and other peoples children that sometimes I take a step back and think to take my own families!

So today was Easter, the family was all together – so it was time to torture them with my lens! ha ha…it all started with my mom wanting a new Facebook picture and turned into everyone in the family getting a picture done. My dad is in acting classes and needed some head shots, but thought he needed to go to some special head shot photographer (HELLLOOOO, you’re daughter is a photographer!!)…but that is my dad for you! 🙂

So Dad I hope you like you’re “head shots”, Mom I hope all your friends comment on how pretty you look on Facebook, and Cody…well I’m happy with just a “yeah, looks ok” from him – because if you knew my brother you’d know that meant a lot!

And remember, take out your own point and shoot as often as you can because you can’t take too many photos, but you can look back in 15 years and wish you had taken more 🙂

Ok – my Mom is adorable! She doesn’t even look close to her age – and UMMM can I be in that good a shape when I’m her age please?!
Cape Cod Boston Newton Wellesley PhotographerCape Cod Boston Newton Children PhotographerCape Cod Boston Newton Children Photographer

Had to pull out all my tricks to make my Dad laugh – it was worth it though!

My handsome brother!

And I certainly can’t forget the most adorable member…Lilypad – my insanely cute black and tan pomeranian 🙂 WARNING – cuteness overload

and where was I you ask, where are my pictures? well I was in yoga pants behind the lens 🙂 maybe next time!

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  • BriannaI LOVE the pictures. They came out awesome!

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