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I hear this so often from my clients…what size is best? Prints sizes are really confusing to people new to the custom photography world. It’s really easy if you can see it visually, so today I decided to do a quick preview to help people gauge the sizes of large prints. In the future I’m going to do gallery wall examples so people can get an idea of how awesome gallery walls are and what a huge impact they’ll make in your home. They will never fail to be one of the first things people see and comment on when they visit your home! I’ll also do other creative ways to display your custom photography from me. This first post will just be a quick size comparison and to encourage people to think beyond 5×7’s and 8x10s! 8×10 are desk prints really, they dont make an impact when hung on the wall, so let’s see what big prints look like! Enjoy!

This is a 20×30 print, mounted on a standout frameless board. It’s modern looking and doesn’t require an investment in custom framing, it’s called the standout print. This and gallery wraps are my favorite products personally, but I do offer custom framing and mating as well!
children portrait custom photography boston ma

This is a 16×20 vertical standout print, as you can see it doesn’t make nearly the impact the 20×30 does!
children boutique photography boston ma

This is a 11×14, and it just isn’t big enough when displayed alone in my opinion. Most people think an 11×14 is huge, so here you can see it doesn’t really make the cut when you actually SEE it on the wall! This would be a great size if you were to hang 3 or 4 vertically in a row on a small wall, I’ll do an example of this in the future post as well!
children boutique photography Wellesley ma massachusettes

A 11×14 and 16×20 displayed together looks good as well! In a later post I’ll do a whole section on gallery walls, which is grouping together pictures on a wall to make them look fabulous is anyones home!
children boutique photography newton ma massachusetts

Here’s a little different view of the 20×30 in my dining room above my buffet….you can see here that even the 20×30 doesn’t look quite big enough! Can you believe that? 20×30 sounds huge! But I would even go up a size here if I was hanging it on my wall in my dining room, and I have a relatively small dining room in my house. This would be a perfect wall to do a gallery on (which again, you’ll see in a future post)
children custom boutique photography belmont ma

So I hope this helps you a little bit to see WHAT the sizes look like on the wall or above a fireplace! I hope you found this useful and I cant wait to do a future post with more ideas!

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